A powerful story about relapsing involving a New Orleans football legend


A truly incredible and touching story of recovery, redemption and relapsing from the New Orleans Times-Picayune about former football star Jackie Wallace…worth reading all the way to the end.

A key part during one of Jackie’s long stretches sober:

“For 10 years, Jackie and Deborah’s life together was marked mostly by uneventful days and steady work. Deborah was known for her great cooking. Jackie internalized his lessons from the 12-step program and continued to regularly attend meetings. He made time to counsel homeless men on the streets. He had learned how important it was to stay on ‘his medicine’ his word for doing the right things to stay sober. Everybody that’s ever been through treatments knows what the right thing is,’ he said. ‘That means, you go to these meetings, you get you a sponsor, get you a home group. You get people who you’re going to listen to that’s going to tell you the truth, and you do it.'”

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