Morning routine: Prayer, apps, reading and text to another addict

I’m writing this post to remind myself of my healthy morning routine. When I do this routine my day goes much better. If I don’t start on the offensive against my disease by doing these things when I first wake up, then my disease gets the best of me.

Here’s what I do on good days:

  • Prayer: Serenity PrayerOur Father…a simple “Thank you for the second chance”
  • Reading: The A.A. Daily reflection is  available on the web site and I have it bookmarked on my phone…Hazeldon has a bunch of apps which offer daily reflections for addicts…Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now...Anthony De Mello’s Awareness (which was given to me by another alcoholic/addict.)
  • I send a text to another alcoholic/addict. It might be an excerpt from something above or just a “Have a good day.”


If I forget to do these things, my day inevitably goes worse.

The mornings are rough for me. They are often when my disease is most active with rapid intrusive thoughts trying to bring me down. If I do the things above, that will keep my disease at bay.

As they say, “A grateful alcoholic won’t drink.” That goes for addicts, etc. Be grateful for another day sober.