Gratitude is one of the pillars of a positive recovery

With a few years under my belt in recovery, one thing that I now believe is that gratitude is key to making it.

This is a big theme in AA literature and meetings.

But it is also a key for everyone to live a happy life. Put simply: Putting an emphasis on a regular basis on what you have rather than what you do not, will lead to a fuller, happier life.

But this is not how I was programmed. I was programmed to focus on what I don’t have, what others have that I do not and what my own faults are.

So I need to work at it.

I just posted about how I’m starting a daily gratitude list.

Here’s another great way to get started: Watch this video from Brother David Steindl-Rast who’s built a ministry around being grateful.

Brother Steindl-Rast believes gratefulness is the “master key” to happiness and that it’s possible to be grateful for every moment.

What I love about this video is when he describes how you can be grateful even for the tough times because they are an opportunity to learn something.

And don’t worry if you fail. As he says, “You always get another opportunity.”