My grateful playlist: A great thing about recovery is discovering a new song

I was listening to Sirius Radio’s Beatles channel and the song “Long, Long, Long” from the White Album came up. I know I must have heard it before while listening to the album years ago but I probably skipped it and never took the time to really listen to it. (Or maybe I was too messed up to notice…skipping to the hits.)

One of my favorite things of my recovery is discovering (or rediscovering) a song, especially deeper tracks from older artists I love.

Something about finding a hidden gem from an old favorite band that makes me so grateful I’m here to experience it.

I’ve started a playlist of great songs I’ve “discovered” in my recovery called the “Grateful Playlist.”

Other songs on that list include “Live on Mars?” by David Bowie and “Two Suns In the Sunset” by Pink Floyd.

Here’s the Beatles song: